Some of our Frequently Asked Questions:


Are boys included in Fairy Parties?

Boys are most welcome and invited to almost every party at the Fairy Bay. When we confirm the final numbers for your party, we will confirm the number of boys as they get different balloons, party bags and prizes. There is also a giant treasure chest of dress ups full of pirate, superhero, wizard and knight costumes!

Do you do parties for boys?

We absolutely do! We do Pirate Parties at the Fairy Bay, as well as mobile parties run by male characters in your own home. Pirates, Knights, Superheros and Princes all available!  

What is Fairy School?

Fairy School is our school holiday programme, where children learn all the essentials about being a fairy like how to make and grant wishes, fairy dancing, decorate cupcakes, sing, act and make craft. Every day of Fairy School is differently themed and includes a fairy feast, fairy dancing, wishes, stories and games. Children do not need to attend everyday, but can come on whichever day you prefer!

Can I stay during the party at the Fairy Bay?

The parents of the birthday child can stay and take photos during the Fairy Party, but we do encourage parents of guests to treat the fairy room as a kiss and go zone. There is just not quite enough room in the Fairy glen to have everybody.

What is included in a mobile party?

A mobile party is perfect for larger groups or for parties the whole family can join in. We have a hosted package available as well as an appearance party. Please check the link for more details.

Can you do other characters?

Yes! Current characters offered are Rapunzel, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Elsa, Anna, Tinkerbell, Alice, Barbie, Belle, Prince Charming, Flynn Rider, Pirate King, Fairy, Princess.

Are you available for school functions and events?

Yes, we are absolutely available for functions and events in different characters. Please call us to discuss your needs.